"Lois Reitzes speaks with Renita James, Director of Education at Aurora Theatre. She was joined by musician Yao Lu, Director of the Magic Eastern Ensemble and Erhu (are-who) player Cindy Fang."

Magic Eastern Ensemble joins with several AAPI communities in Georgia to ring in the Year of the Rabbit.

Magic Eastern Ensemble is being invited as one of the guest performers for the 2023 You Awards International event. 

"The concert will feature traditional Chinese instruments like the erhu, guzheng, and dizi, in a musical blend of new Chinese folk music, J-pop, and English and American pop music."

"Gradually, many people have come to understand that Chinese musical instruments are no longer what they were portrayed to be in movies many years ago. They have a fresh look, one that is youthful, energetic, and integrates cultural diversity."

"ATLANTA — There's a place in Atlanta where musicians can learn to play the bamboo flute, the guzheng, and even the erhu. 

These instruments in the western world are known as the flute, 21-string Chinese plucked zither, and a Chinese violin, respectively."

Past Performances

Magic Eastern Ensemble at the 87th Annual Dogwood Festival

Magic Eastern Ensemble at the 87th Annual Dogwood Festival!

Come Join Us on April 15th (Saturday),2023 @2:15PM on the Main Stage of the 87th Annual Dogwood Festival!

Piedmont Park

1320 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta GA 30306

Johns Creek ushers in Year of the Rabbit

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"Formed in 2018, the Magic Eastern Ensemble is a nonprofit committed to promoting traditional East Asian instrumental music culture through its combination with Western music culture. Member Cindy Fang said the organization is not specific to one country, and it combines new audiences with many ethnicities.

Linhan Feng, 17, has been playing the guzheng since she was a freshman in high school. With a personal interest in music, Feng said she likes to perform so others can get to know Chinese culture."

Feng and other members of the Magic Eastern Ensemble wore traditional Chinese attire. Feng wore a red, floral hanfu, or robe, which, she said, is what older women wear in the winter. White fur lined the robe.

Feng’s updo was decorated with floral pins with beaded chains hanging from them. She said the hairstyle is worn by married women, while teenagers wear their hair half down. The hair pins, or buyao, are a way of measuring whether someone is a “good lady or not,” Feng said. The objective is to walk around poised so as not to make the buyao swing.

Feng said Lunar New Year is an important holiday for her, despite being in America where the calendar is different.

“I'm really glad that there's some people that set up events,” Feng said. “We can celebrate together — all different races. It doesn't matter where you're from, you can still celebrate the same holiday.”

Family Concert of the Chamber Music Society at Emory University

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with beautiful music for both western and traditional Chinese instruments played by the Vega Quartet, Cindy Fang, erhu; Jiayi Tian, piano, & Yao Lu, guzheng. This Family Concert of the Chamber Music Society will be in Ackerman Hall @ the Carlos Museum this Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023 @ 4 PM. Designed for young listeners but perfect for audiences of all ages! 

This program is free of charge, with no registration or tickets required. Free parking on weekends near the Carlos in Fishburne deck. See the entire season here:

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The Magic Eastern Ensemble is performing at Aurora Theatre Saturday, May 1 in a concert called “We Are The Young.” The concert will feature traditional Chinese instruments like the erhu, guzheng, and dizi, in a musical blend of new Chinese folk music, J-pop, and English and American pop music. The ensemble’s Director Yao Lu and Aurora Theatre’s Director of Education Renita James joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to talk about what to expect from this unique performance and other upcoming highlights from Aurora.

“I think the traditional music instruments, it is already a sense of history. But I wanted to… make it not too difficult to attract the attention and recognition of the audience, who never knew about this type of instrument,” said Lu. “We hope we will have more young audiences who will enjoy the music, as we play it.”

Lu invited the Ensemble’s lead ehru player Cindy Fang to join the conversation, who added, “[The erhu] is a two-stringed bow musical instrument, sometimes known in the Western world as a Chinese violin… It is also combined with traditional and contemporary music styles and arrangements, such as in pop, rock and jazz.”

The performance will be an indoor concert, Saturday, May 1 at 8 p.m. Guests will be seated in pods, and all transactions and services conducted in touchless arrangements. Tickets can be purchased in advance at

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this year, 86th Atlanta dogwood festival, we will have the performance at April 9, 13:15 p.m. welcome to watch the show 

The Atlanta International Night Market – 2021

5th Annual Celebration of Diversity & Inclusion

Save The Date!!!

When: September 17th & 18th

Time: Friday 5pm-10pm and Saturday 2pm-10pm

Where: Lawrenceville Lawn

210 Luckie St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

We will have a show at the Atlanta International Night Market – 2021~our performance will start from September 17th,19:05 pm. don‘t forgot to watching us~



Magic Eastern Ensemble


The Magic Eastern Ensemble is a group of talented young musicians influenced by both their heritage and environment to produce a one-of-a-kind experience. Their music is a fusion between traditional Chinese instruments like the Erhu, Guzheng, and Dizi with contemporary pop music. The We Are The Young Concert celebrates innovation. The show features new Chinese folk music along with J-Pop and English pop music.  Experience the Magic Eastern Ensemble on the Aurora Mainstage!




将由古筝/笛子/二胡 为大家演奏 日本和中国流行金曲以及二次元曲风,加入了摇滚乐和vocal的元素。传统乐器结合现代曲风的演绎会让音乐会更加丰富多彩。











古筝: 肖悦娇







(All (names are arranged) in random order 排名不分先后)

亚特兰大的魔力东方乐团,在2018年12月,参加了Gwinnett celebrating 200th 的活动,乐团在庆典活动上演奏了由台湾作曲家梁启慧女士所改编谱写的《康定情歌》,新颖的节奏和方式演奏了经典的民歌。获得在场观众的一致好评。






In December 2018, Atlanta's Magic Eastern Ensemble participated in the Gwinnett celebrating 200th event.

The Ensemble performed the song called “Kangding Love Song” by Taiwan composer Ms. Liang Qihui(Christina Liang)

The novel rhythm and way played the classics Folk song was received the praise of the audience.

Bamboo flute : YAO LU

Er hu : DAN

Guzheng zheng : XUMIN CAI

   Pi pa : Helen

Keyboard : Ethan





It is our first New Year Concert after we formed the Magic Eastern Ensemble. The theme of this year will be “Joe Hisaishi Music from the studio Ghibli performed by Chinese folk music.”

The members of the”Magic Eastern Ensemble” will perform all the works of the

concert. They will bring the audiences a creative mix of Western and Eastern music.

The song performed by the individual or group corporation will be accompanied by

traditional Chinese instruments, piano, and multimedia.

We try to make a fresh impression on audiences with Chinese traditional

instruments performing on the stage.

We’d love to promote a new version of Chinese culture in the campus. When the

ancient instrument and contemporary, animation music encounter, the Magic Eastern would lead you entering a new world.






This time Magic Eastern Ensemble's two musicians YAO LU and XUMIN CAI, combined with the ancient elements of the Chinese Opera, played the song called "Ambush on all sides"

They use two guzheng (Chinese Zither) to represent the music.

made some adaptations based on the original song

They hope to present a more dazzling performance of the folk music

这次的演出,魔力东方的两位演奏家 路瑶和蔡旭敏,结合了戏曲风中国古老元素,演奏了新编十面埋伏




Performance review

Aug 25th night,

The Leadership Convention, presented by the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP),have held on August 23-25, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The event was in InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta.

Young bamboo flute player, Chinese Zheng player YAO LU was invited to play the Chinese traditional music for the event.

She led her students to play the Fusion music with chinese instruments together.

YAO LU was playing bamboo flute and her student Xumin Cai playing guzheng

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Ms Lu has combined both pieces with pop rhythm and jazz styles to make them dynamic and passionate.its not only the traditional song.

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Performance review

July 17th night,

In the Delta Flight Museum, the ceremony for a direct flight to China was officially launched.

This means Delta relaunches Atlanta-Shanghai route, key link to China

Young bamboo flute player, Chinese Zheng player YAO LUwas invited to play the Guzheng(Chinese Zither) for the event.

The elements of the Chinese style constantly appeared in the two pieces of music.

The music not only inherited the elements of the national style,

but also integrated with new dynamic and rich rhythms, which made the Zheng be "played" in some new ways.




这意味着Delta relaunches Atlanta-Shanghai route, key link to China